Cycling Lille-NL in 1 day

Cycling I do as much as much as I can.
By taking  my bicycle for going to work. And all other trips around home. Plus holidays.

Among other trips, I cycled:
Paris-Angers vice versa, 1030 km in 15 days (70 km/day), with my sister (summer 1975)
Vught-Belgian Ardennes v.v., with my brother (summer 1977)

me in Belgian Ardennes in 1977
my brother Bart pictured me in Belgian Ardennes in 1977

Wageningen-Den Bosch, with Mark Daemen (summer 1981)
Eindhoven-Groningen v.v., with mother of my children (summer 1984)
Nuenen-Ossendrecht, with family of 3 children+ 2 tents (summer 1995)
Ossendrecht-Vlieland v.v., with family of 2 children+2 tents (summer 2000)
Ossendrecht-London v.v., visiting Nick-Drupal (autumn 2006)
Ossendrecht/Bergen op Zoom/Vught-Lille, several times, sometimes in addition with taking the train (since 2010 … on going, hoping for many more trips!). The first trips were sometimes quiet difficult. Pain in wrists, legs my whole body. Not enough trained muscles in my back for riding in racing bike-position. It needs training to sit several hours on a racing bike. I remember bike rides not to well prepared, where at the end of the day I had to rest in every bus stop on my route. I have been feeling exhausted at these occasions. Little by little I became better trained.

It became my goal/dream to cycle Lille-the Netherlands in one day. This distance from Lille to my son in Bergen op Zoom is 180 km.

Training in 2014
I got a racing bicycle.
My oldest son Ruud refurbished in his Fietsatelier Guldemond this GAZELLE Champion Mondial.

My GAZELLE Champion Mondial
My GAZELLE Champion Mondial for daily use. Shimano Exage 300 group allows breaking and changing gears in old fashion way, however smoothless. The old  San Marco Rolls saddle I appreciate much. As I like Ruud’s suggestions: the low-budget Verwimp pedals, and the Schwalbe Marathon tires adapted to the coblestones in Lille.

I used it nearly every day. To get in shape for longer distances. In June 2014. I cycled from Lille to the Netherlands. First visiting my mother in Vught. Afterwards visiting my son Ruud in Bergen op Zoom. In total 530 kilometers :

  1. Lille -> Bruxelles 125 km
  2. Bruxelles -> Vught 137 km
  3. Vught -> Bergen op Zoom 84 km
  4. Due to lack of time I took the train on the last traject : Bergen op Zoom -> Lille 180 km

The trip Lille to Vught on video:

Cycling Flanders to Brabant from roel guldemond on Vimeo.

Training in 2015
Spring 2015 I bought a lighter racing bicycle.
A JAN JANSSEN Futural by Vitus. Pictures and descriptions here.
Summer 2015 I bought a second GAZELLE Champion Mondial, with frame sizes better adapted to me. Pictures and description here.
August 2015:
Leersum-Vught 52 km in 2h45. So 19 km/h.
Vught-Nearly Nijkerk 72 km in 4h00. So about 18 km/h.
September 2015:
Regulary around Nijkerk.
Fastest time 1h15, so about 28km/h.
At 80-90% in 1h30, so about 23km/h.
Vught-Geleen 100 km in 5h00, so about 20km/h.
Overview of progress during 2015:
40 km at 20 km/h cycling JAN JANSSEN Futural
40 km at 10 km/h cycling JAN JANSSEN Futural
35 km at 19 km/h cycling JAN JANSSEN Futural
70 km at 18 km/h cycling JAN JANSSEN Futural
35 km at 28 km/h cycling GAZELLE Champion Mondial built in 1981
35 km at 23 km/h cycling GAZELLE Champion Mondial built in 1981
100 km at 20 km/h cycling GAZELLE Champion Mondial built in 1981

Training in 2016
Spring 2016 I did  …. to be continued. (I think I will need about  12 hours to cycle these 180 kms. 9 hours of cycling at 20 km/h. 3 hours of eating & resting. Or will it more be 10 hours of 18 km/h? I did 2 times 70 km at 18 km/h in 2015! I love to try it … … this year?)

48 km at 18 km/h at SIMPLEX built around 1954
60 km at 13 km/h at SIMPLEX built around 1954
60 km at 15 km/h at SIMPLEX, heel laag verzet, 2e dag knie speelt op
60 km at 10 km/h at CHAMPION MONDIAL 1985 een uur stortbui, regelmatig onverharde paadjes langs kanalen


km at km/h at
km at km/h at
km at km/h at

N.B. brother Bart learned me that following subject is important : cadence (here an english wikipedia-article)   (And an article in dutch on “letten-op-je-cadans”). So 100 per minute > 25 per 15 seconds




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