Stan heading south, on bicycle

My youngest son Stan finished design school Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam 2 years ago. Followed first year of a psychology-bachelor. Realising finishing this bachelor is not what he wants, he decided to go on bicycle direction Spain.

Remarkably I found Stan, ever since, gifted in as well designing in all kind of media (more specific choosing colors and music, drawings, very nice drawings as a child for example), as in insight in inter-human relations.

Heading for Spain. For half a year. Passing Lille where he stayed with Patricia and me. Here you see Stan joining a dinner made by Patricia. The very first dinner we had in the new part of our house -under construction-.


Aside from searching a good road map. Succesfull geo caching. Testing camping burner. Adjust bicycles. We visit the B’TWIN-bicycle store and repair centre. An enormous store in the former Gauloises cigarettes factory in Lille. This atelier de vélo is a competitor for his brothers “Fietsatelier Guldemond”. B’TWIN is multinational Decathlon/Auchan (?) The group is growing. In Eindhoven they opened a big store.



I think he did a splendid preparation.


And off he goes. After a mutual “A bientôt!” …


… I had a lot of different feelings. As “Partir, c’est mourir un peu”. And I like it to see him go in his own way. Not following all the advice he is getting. Try to practise what I learned in 2001 from a colleague-teacher. This colleague told me: “Children and students should not listen to their parents and teachers. Do you know what it means if your students and children are following their parents and teachers? End of innovation Roel!”



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I like improving added value of information systems. Or cycling. Either be in a garden.

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