To be found by search engines

The simple way, according the “follow the money”-principle, just buy this from Google.

In theory being ranked high by search engines is that web sites contain :

1. Relevant content

It helps to have a site filled with a lot of data, which all helps to get a more clear idea of the goals and means of an organisation.
For example for a second hand car dealer.
A site with some photo’s of actual cars to buy, plus description, prices of each car is more relevant. It can help to have users add experiences with cars they bought, with stories on what to take into account with the coming seasons, promote special actions for customers.

2. New content

A site which shows contiously new, relevant, information will be ranked higher.

3. … and yes there is more …

… but in short:
Sites will rank high if visited by a lot of people who have interest in the subject of the site.

Sure there are more things which are stimulating higher ranking.
Like understanding how visitors navigate on your site. So you can place your essential data on places, where users can find them easily.
This applied to a web site of e.g. an construction company, can look like this:

  1. Site title which makes clear the kind of product being sold
  2. Here a sub site title contains more specification on the product sold.
  3. In the main article the main characteristics of the organisation has to be found. (Not visible in this picture.)
  4. Photos and videos with relevant descriptions, plus adding regulary new projects. (Not visible in this picture.)
  5. Publication on a regulary basis of relevant and new articles . (In picture below an article is visible. Containing essential information on the product of the construction company: ….. bâtiment basse consommation ….. etc. etc. !)

web site SBHQ

Who can help with better ranking?
There is a hugh amount of parties which are promising to give better ranking results.
One can also google: “how to improve search engine ranking”.
Today I just choose this from the many results:

And besides other means, this site advises :

Have quality content. Quality content, in other words lots of original, error-free text organized well on a modern-looking website, is what matters most in terms of SEO that you can control. Hiring a professional website designer can help with the cosmetics and get you taken seriously by your visitors. You’ll also want to be sure that you’re not misleading visitors, they should be getting what was advertised when they looked at the site’s description.

I think this quote puts it well. In a nutshell. I wish you luck and a lot of time with implementation of all these advises above! However this quote ignores the capacity of powerful companies with a lot of assets. Like Google. See the first line of this blog …  … in the end it is quiet a complex subject. In my humble opinion it is wise to put energy in talking to potential customers. Which does cost a lot more energy than just some clicks and pay for an Google Adwords-advertisement. I think that all people paying for Adwords-advertisements, are making Google bigger and bigger. In the end delivering a short satisfaction to the Adwords-buyer. And a profitable Google company. It might be like a coke from Coca-Cola. Quick satisfaction which do not last long, for a lot of people, which are making the enterprise bigger and bigger.

What do you think?

P. S.  To proceed to a proper SEO, I like to add a question. In the French Language :  “Référencement naturel, Adwords, e-mailing, affiliation… Faut-il créer du trafic à tout prix sur votre site Web… ou penser rentabilité ?“. My answer : “penser rentabilité!


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